Let The Fire Fall                 Let the Wind Blow            Let Your Glory Come Down



Food for Families in need

Second Chance Food Pantry

It is the purpose of Second Chance Food Pantry to provide community help to families in need.  This is possible through the generosity of our members, individuals and groups who donate to support the ongoing work of providing supplemental food to help throughout the month so that no one will go in need and in hunger. Food Pantry is open the Fourth Saturday of every month, from 12:00-3:00 pm. In addition, Pantry is available upon request by calling 317-654-5502.

Health and Wellness

Community Outreach

We offer various events, workshops and forums pertaining to pertinent needs within the Community. 

We also provide information regarding other Community Resource available throughout the city. 

Baskets by Immanuel

Baskets by Immanuel

We provide Supportive Care Baskets to uplift, strengthen and encourage those who are fighting cancer. . This Outreach Service's primary focus is to support those facing a chronic challenging illness.  The Supportive Care Baskets are filled with creature comfort items.  Supporting those in need of comfort and encouragement is our goal.  Extending compassion and mercy to all facing health crisis.

 Currently, program on hold until further notice

Youth Angel Missions YAM

Youth Angel Missions Y.A.M.

Our Youth are a part of the next generation to lead.  We must pray, under-gird, educate, support and strengthen them through spiritual growth, building up self esteem and encourage good works through community service.  Various fun activities as well as workshops, serving those within the church and community and lots of love is our agenda.

Fun in Fellowship

Fun In Fellowship

 The Spirit of Unity is precious!  This is so evident in this program.  Fun In Fellowship gives us an opportunity to come together in fun, let our hair down, and explore hidden talents and gifts through the various fun activities planned.  The bible instructs us to "know them that labor among you".  In having good, clean fun out and about the city, we learn much about our brothers and sisters in the Lord and all of it has been so special.  This auxiliary is effective in getting to know not only one another better, but also knowing ourselves better and finding that we are fearfully and wonderfully made!