Let The Fire Fall                 Let the Wind Blow            Let Your Glory Come Down



Salvation, Indianapolis

There are many souls who have given up on themselves because of their struggles with numerous challenges as a Christian.
Struggles with flesh, temptation or constant falling by the wayside and feeling defeated.    
         OR, the impatience of other Christians that may have criticized and slandered instead of restoring as the Word of God instructs.
          OR, it could be that their gift was laid up on the shelf because of lack of self worth due to past negative dispositions. 
WHATEVER the case may be, there are many prodigal Sons and Daughters that are being held captives by their past and satan attempts to keep them under his feet. 
BUT, the message from SECOND CHANCE RESTORATION TEMPLE is that Christ has reversed the curse and He has placed satan where he belongs.....UNDER OUR FEET.
God is a God of Second Chance (s) and He is saying to His people that His Mercy and Restoring Power endures forever.  He loves us with an everlasting love. 
              REGARDLESS of past mistakes, failures or disappointments
              REGARDLESS of what anyone thinks of us 
The fact remains that He loves US, He died for US, He rose again for US and His precious blood cleanses US.  He is waiting at the altar for His Bride.
We can go boldly to the Throne of Grace where He will restore unto you and I the years that the swarming locusts, canker worms and consuming locusts has eaten. 
Allow the Lord Jesus Christ to breathe a Fresh Anointing on your Soul and resurrect a New Beginning that will bring the fullness of life to your very soul once and for all.